Diesel x Bugaboo | What You Didn’t Know

by Yoeri Khyrian Jonker / posted on 13/09/2015

This November will be an exciting month for a few mothers, as Bugaboo and Diesel are releasing a stroller together made completely from denim. The out of the box collaboration was announced yesterday during a press release, and we’re happy to show you the details of this upcoming collaboration between the big brand.

Cool thing about the stroller is probably that although the fabric is washed and finished with paint splatters, the fabric will change with wear and tear, developing more character as you use it. Be sure to find out more on the website of Diesel, and explore more of the details down below:

Bugaboo Diesel Stroler 01

Bugaboo Diesel Stroler 00

Bugaboo Diesel Stroler 04

Bugaboo Diesel Stroler 05

Bugaboo Diesel Stroler 03



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