Vans for FDMTL 4th Anniversary

by Yoeri Khyrian Jonker / posted on 07/09/2015

Since FDMTL is a jeans brand pur sang, the brand makes sure that they just direct all their focus to what they’re good at instead of also focussing on accessories like shoes. And that’s a great thing, as it leaves other brands like Vans up for the job to create some pretty great shoes for them.

Although the hectic pattern might not be the best fit for under every pair of shorts or jeans (normally FDMTL is quite minimalistic, but I guess Vans took over on this one), this is one of those pairs that will look great in combination with a jacket of the same pattern. And aren’t you lucky: FDMTL is just about to sell one of those in their new collection!

Denim Daily Vans FDMTL 4 Anniversary 1

Denim Daily Vans FDMTL 4 Anniversary 2


Yoeri Khyrian Jonker

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