Scotch & Soda brings its new film

by Lars Tibben / posted on 05/11/2015

Scotch & Soda brings its new film ‘The Story of Things’ to life in Amsterdam. To celebrate the launch of its latest film, ‘The Story of Things – Part 2, East’, Amsterdam-based fashion brand Scotch & Soda invites people to experience the lives of the movie protagonists.

To all travellers, treasure hunters and story collectors, Amsterdam fashion brand Scotch & Soda launches Part 2 of the brand film series ‘The Story of Things’ on the 5th of November 2015. Through the eyes of Lola and Oscar, ‘The Story of Things’ illustrates the brand’s lust for exploring the world, the beauty of seeing things differently, and the belief that travelling is more than the seeing of sights and that collecting is more than putting things on a shelf. ‘The Story of Things’ captures the Scotch & Soda spirit of bringing together culture and craftsmanship.

The latest chapter of ‘The Story of Things’ follows the Eastern adventures of Oscar, as experienced through hand-written correspondence with his sister Lola. From the backdrop of her Amsterdam apartment, wide-eyed Lola grows up with tales of her brother’s Oscar who is a true adventurer and explorer. We watch as Lola reads Oscar’s letters opens trinket-filled parcels and we observe her apartment slowly filling with objects from around the world.

For a limited number of weeks this autumn, Lola’s apartment will become available for all to live in. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Lola has left her apartment for guests to use as they visit this beautiful culturally rich city. As a special addition, and unlike any other rental apartment, Lola’s comes complete with a wardrobe selection by Scotch & Soda for both men and women, for guest to take home. Lola asks only that you reveal your sizes before arriving, so she can prepare the wardrobe in advance.

Part 2 of the brand film series ‘The Story of Things’ launches on November 5th 2015. The 90-second film will premiere through a network of international (art-house) cinemas in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK, and can also be viewed via digital channels. You can book Lola’s apartment every weekend starting from November 21st until December 13th for €100 a night. The reservation system opens on November 10th.

“Thoughtful, captivating and free-spirited, the latest installment of The Story Of Things presents an honest reflection of our brand,” said Scotch & Soda Chief Marketing Officer, Adam Kakembo.

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