Must-have: The Monocle Travel Guides

by Karine Bloem / posted on 31/08/2015

If you’re an avid reader of Monocle magazine, you should run for their recently launched travel guides.

With constant renewal in the big cities’ neighborhoods and boroughs, it can be difficult to keep track of where to go in the global hubs, so a city guide can quickly get outdated. The peeps at Monocle took the leap anyway, and it resulted in 4 guides covering the best in hospitality, art and retail from a local point of view, and mostly off the beaten tracks.


Monocle’s bureaus are located in every corner of the world (New York, Toronto, Zurich, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Tokyo, Singapore) and they have more than 30 dedicated correspondents -based from Beirut to Bogota, Saõ Paulo to Stockholm- which enables them to cover hidden gems and go beyond the cliches.

Expect a variety in to go places: wether it’s the newest, hottest boutique hotel, a small design atelier or a corner bar you’d walk by without notice. The guides even provide you with the best route for your early-morning run.


Going to London, Hong Kong, New York or Tokyo anytime soon? Make sure you carry one of these guides with you. (click on the above mentioned cities to watch the video)

Available at MENDO or via the Monocle shop. €15 each.

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