An introduction to Casey Neistat

by Yoeri Khyrian Jonker / posted on 27/08/2015

There’s a stigma with the words vlogger and blogger. In the era and age of social media we see vloggers and style bloggers pop up from the ground like weeds in the yard; obnoxiously in your face and ever present, and almost always without any context. But once in a while we’ll find someone who’s personality is a breath of fresh air. Casey Neistat is one of those vloggers.

Starting out as a director for an HBO series and as the creator for various pre-youtube videos, Neistat poignantly shares his vision with a unique way of storytelling. It’s this unique style of storytelling that got him on the radar of companies such as Nike, J Crew, Mercedes and Vogue, who all hired him to show their stories in his very peculiar way.

As big fans of his work, here are our 5 must see pics of his best works. Enjoy!

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This is probably our get-go video to explain people why we love Casey Neistat so much. When Nike gives you a budget to make a commercial about the Fuelband, and you only show the product in the first 10 seconds, you’ve got balls. If you then go and spend their budget on just traveling the whole world, and make that one of the best Nike commercials ever made, you’ve got even bigger balls. Oh, and then he jumped off a cliff.

[embedvideo id=”SuTcavAzopg” website=”youtube”]


Right when the first iPod came out, there was a little problem with it: after 18 months its battery just stopped working, and since that’s a half year outside of Apple’s one year guarantee you’ll have to pay for it. And this is where “Ipod’s Dirty Secret” was born, right in 2003. The video shows Casey spreading the message to the public in a crazy manner, and was viewed 6 million times. Don’t forget: Youtube didn’t exist until 2006.

[embedvideo id=”t9qxT8wI-0I” website=”youtube”]


J Crew and Casey Neistat worked together on a video together, which resulted in another video of Casey traveling the world. But this time it wasn’t to “Do More”, he had to do it in style. So strapped in his Ludlow Suit, a staple design of J Crew’s, he surfed, skateboarded and fixed bikes all over the world. It’s almost as if we’re looking at the behind-the-scenes of a new James Bond movie.

[embedvideo id=”oLXG6ITzLIo” website=”youtube”]


We’ve never heard anyone say: I love jogging. Going the gym is fine, but when it comes to running and jogging it just seems like too much effort for most. Since Casey regurally runs marathons and knows a deal about what it takes, he made a video to share the psychology behind his determinations. Apparently, it’s all just a game!

[embedvideo id=”dALypGk3xbI” website=”youtube”]


If you’ve followed Casey’s vlogs before, you’ll notice that his wife is in the vlogs a lot. You might even have followed a lot of videos, just like we did, and seen their story evolve throughout time. If you haven’t however, watch this personal vlog where Casey’s incredible storytelling skills help you get to know about their relationship. And… it has a rocket launch adventure.

For more, check out Casey Neistat’s personal youtube channel and get addicted. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though!

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