A Stay at Amsterdam’s New INK HOTEL

by Yoeri Khyrian Jonker / posted on 13/10/2015

Tonight will be the launch of Lars Tibben’s beautiful new venture called ‘Urbanites’, a fashion journal that will capture the millennial zeitgeist of cool people in even cooler cities. So to match up with the effortless cool of the journal, Urbanites will be launched at the INK HOTEL, Amsterdam’s newest addition to its list of concept hotels. Located at the historical remnants of what used to be the headquarters of Dutch newspaper ‘De Tijd’, the hotel worked with the heritage of this location to show a different side of Amsterdam. Romantic typography, old negatives of the first issue’s printing sheets, a wall filled with captivating letterart welcoming you at the entrance; the hotel does justice to its name, and without a doubt to its city.

As we stayed a night at the hotel, we noticed that the concept also translates into the rooms, which I’d love to compliment the INK HOTEL for 1) the impressive black & white map of Amsterdam spread all over the room’s walls and 2) a little folder / newspaper which explains the hotels concept. The hotel never goes out of character, and consistently communicates its rich concept and heritage story.

Another nice detail is that the Pressroom, INK HOTEL’s restaurant, has the same tiles that the printing room of ‘De Tijd’ used to have when they were still located there. Matter of fact, it’s located in the exact same spot that used to be the place where they printed the first paper. It gets even better: you have to admire the library, where decades ago the first newspapers from ‘De Tijd’ were stored after printing. It’s walls now show the negatives of that same newspaper all over the wall. Above those prints are books organized in colour, and on the wall hangs a sadle from the bike that was mentioned in one of the articles of the first newspaper. Just standing there, it’s like traveling back into history. The experience is beautiful, and it’s proof of INK HOTEL’s talent to tell a story.

For those interested, please do come to the INK HOTEL tonight to celebrate the launch of ‘Urbanites’ with us. I mean, free drinks, wonderful company and a really cool magazine, all in the beautiful setting of the INK HOTEL: what else could you ask for?

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 67, 1012 RE in Amsterdam

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Yoeri Khyrian Jonker

Ik wilde op mijn 7e pottenbakker worden. Helaas bleek dat een beetje te ambitieus, dus heb ik gesettled voor een leven als journalist en fotograaf. Loser die ik ben...


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