by Lars Tibben / posted on 14/10/2015

A short informal meeting between Indigo People and Jason Denham of Denham The Jeanmaker during a trade fair resulted in this collaboration project that fuses these two brands’ core values.

Indigo People’s love for indigo and authentic craftsmanship and Denham’s worship for tradition and contemporary design refinement complete each other’s signature and form the fundament for these special edition scarves. The scarves are made from raw hand spun cotton yarns that are manually dyed in natural indigo, which creates an imperfect beauty that fits in an authentic jeans attitude. Blending the traditional open weave and ikat weaving technique with a refined modern look, the two timeless scarves embody both brands’ spirits.

The scarves will be available for the true indigo lovers in the official Denham stores and Denham’s dealers.

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Lars Tibben

Oprichter van The Urbanites en The Denim Daily. Naast deze twee online magazines runt Lars ook een content bureau, SEC Agency. Gespecialiseerd in het creëren van video content voor bedrijven.


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