Hoya Apparel Denim Brand

by Redactie / posted on 25/09/2015

Established in May 2013, Hoya Apparel, named after a tropical plant. They develop their products of the best and durable “machinery” that support various activities.

With “form follow function” principles, they recognize craftsmanship in an object’s functionality. Using the best and selected materials, crafted by skilled hands, Hoya Denim truly deliver you a remarkable experience in their products.

See below their Ironwood 17oz. Selvedge Denim faded process: 1year used, 1x cold water soak, 1x hot water soak and 1x sea wash.


– Stiff and hairy fabric

– 100% Zimbabwean Cotton

– Ring Slub x Ring Slub

– Right Hand Twill (RHT)

– Red selvedge line

– Slim-straight fit

12m 12m2 12m3 12m4 12month effective wear

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