Green Paper Boys presents The Asli Campaign Film

by Lars Tibben / posted on 25/09/2017

The journey of The Asli heritage collection continues after a successful start, Green Paper Boys proudly presents The Asli Campaign Film – A homage to our roots that gives a sense of the ambience behind the collection.

With a focus on consiness, warmth and inclusion, Green Paper Boys seeks to create feeling of infatuation and responsibility, a sense of belonging, and of course, family.


View the Campaign Film here.

Asli is extended with two new tees and a crew neck centered on Fiji – A country in The South Pacific Ocean. That’s part of both Melanesia and our roots. Fiji never lost its cultural heritage, and most of the folklore has been maintained as a result of the people’s village life, which still remains the groundwork of Fijian society.

All colours and designs used are inspired by the national flag, the seas that surround Fiji, and it’s people’s island culture.

The Fiji basic tee.

The Fiji stripes tee.

The Fiji waves crewneck.

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Lars Tibben

Oprichter van The Urbanites en The Denim Daily. Naast deze twee online magazines runt Lars ook een content bureau, SEC Agency. Gespecialiseerd in het creëren van video content voor bedrijven.


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