Eginstill: not your average kitchen

by Karine Bloem / posted on 02/09/2015

So these guys can actually make more than your average kitchen. Kitchens aren’t what they used to be anyway, they’ve become an integral part of our interiors. And that’s something Frans Pahlplatz and Yoran Hensel – the driving forces behind Eginstill– got covered.

“We believe that a space is defined by other dimensions than its mere physical measurements – like height, width and depth. A well-designed interior breathes an atmosphere that expresses your values, views and life philosophy.”

Eginstill is a collective of craftsmen that understand the art of marble carving, woodworking and stone cutting. Sustainable materials is what it’s all about, be it steel or sustainably processed wood from a family-owned factory in Finland. No toxic or chemical components allowed.

Their designs are so awesome you might as well put your bed in that kitchen  and go live in it!
You can find an Eginstill kitchen showcased at The Loft until September 6th.

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Feature image © Aico Lind

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