Crème x Stellar Works

by Lars Tibben / posted on 09/08/2017

Could you give a brief introduction about Crème?

CRÈME / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design is a design studio in Williamsburg headed by myself, designer Jun Aizaki. Crème specializes in architecture, interior design, product design, and branding. Our studio, like NYC, is multi-cultural, international and dynamic. New York’s creative energy inspires us as well as do the incredible variety of individuals living here. Diverse backgrounds and talents drive our practice towards a high level of collaboration which is key to our work. We nurture a culture of design democracy and draw inspiration from our clientele, our design team’s diverse backgrounds and from our extended family of artists and fabricators.

How did you meet Stellar Works?

Our collaboration with Stellar Works began about five years ago when we were developing interiors for a hotel project in NYC. During the chair designing process we engaged Stellar Works to share preliminary sketches and prototypes with. From there, we developed and produced our first chair, the Exchange Chair. In 2017, we expanded the Exchange Chair to a full collection which now includes six more pieces, including a dining room table, bar chair and lounge chair.

We think collaborations are a great opportunity to expand visions, learn more and create great designs. How did you experience this collaboration?

In collaborating with Stellar Works on the Indigo Chair, we had the opportunity to bring together modern design and traditional crafts on a global stage – the best of all possible worlds. It has been a great experience to relook at our original Exchange Chair design, where our relationship with Stellar Works began and present it in a new dramatic way.

How did you came up to make a chair in Indigo? Have you worked with Indigo before?

Dying has been a big interest of ours and a technique we have been playing with on a smaller scale in studio. Indigo is such a rich color when used in textiles. We thought it would be equally so when applied to wood.

Sustainability is fundamental, don’t you agree? Are the chairs natural dyed?

Agree completely. Sustainability is fundamental, both for the environment and for local communities. That’s why for the Indigo Chair we worked with The Fabrick Lab, an organization that works with local craftsmen from Guizhou, China, to help them keep the art of indigo dying going.

When can we expect the next design for our hometown Amsterdam? 

We love the city of Amsterdam and it’s rich design history. We don’t currently have any projects there but would love to work there!

Where can we order it?

Currently the special edition Indigo Chair isn’t in production, but if you are interested in it, please email us at



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