09/08/2016 | LIFESTYLE, Wheels |

Getest: De nieuwe Yamaha XSR900

Opnieuw gezet in een pittoreske achtergrond kunnen we ons opmaken voor een rit op de nieuwe XSR900. Aangezien het een grotere versie is van de nieuwe ...

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14/11/2015 | LIFESTYLE, Wheels |

Yamaha XSR700

The Yamaha XS name has been around for decades and the bike has become one of Yamaha’s most enduring types. So what better to use again in a ...

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10/08/2015 | LIFESTYLE, Wheels |

Yamaha XV950R

Now Yamaha is opening the door to the world of customization to every rider with the new XV950R– a bobber that encapsulates the character and ...

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01/08/2015 | Wheels |

The Lamborghini Islero S from 1969

One of only 100 ever made, this Lamborghini Islero is powered by a 4.0L V12 engine pumping out 345 hp. That sounds quite good, but what does in mean? ...

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23/07/2015 | Wheels |

Clockwork Twenty2 Motorcycle

Have you already heard about Clockwork? Well, meet the new Clockwork Twenty2 Motorcycle. These guys make modern motorcycles by using the most ...

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07/07/2015 | LIFESTYLE, Wheels |

Custom Honda CLR125 City Fly

Honda CLR 125 City Fly, this bike comes from the Dream Wheels Heritage garage in Portugal. Originally is it a sassy urban bike to be enjoyed easily ...

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