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On September 1st 2017 Du Nord Projects has been launched, introducing their first product: Zachary, a pair of denim trousers that can be touted as formal workwear. Carefully selecting the finest ingredients, and having skilled artisans make these exclusive jeans by hand and on vintage machinery, the Zachary is the perfect style for those that seek something different in their journey of life. We spoke with founder Jeroen de Wal.

How did Du Nord Projects evolve from idea to this very point?

I’ve always had the dream to create something meaningful, not only for myself but for like-minded individuals as well. I wanted to build a brand from scratch, and in a way that appeals to people all over the world. Wanting it to become a soulmate, to accompany me (and others) in the journey that is life.

For years I’ve been pondering about finding the right direction, to connect the dots and about how to achieve my goals.
It took me a while to find my way in this journey, to deal with everything that came my way and eventually see all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

In 2013 I was blessed with the gift of life when my son Adan Zachary was born, who is the main reason I worked hard and pursued my goals to realize Du Nord. The road to realizing this dream was, and still is, a rocky one. I think that in life, whether it is your personal life or career, you will come across obstacles that are put in your way for a reason. At that moment you have a choice: You can turn around and walk back or, you conquer the obstacle and continue your way. Climbing your mountain, one step at a time.


“In 2013 I was blessed with the gift of life when my son Adan Zachary was born, who is the main reason I worked hard and pursued my goals to realize Du Nord.”


Looking back to 2013, living in Belgium at the time, I felt that things needed to change. I already lived a colorful life by then, and with the birth of my son I felt the urge to create a legacy for his future, to build something bigger than me. It was like a wake-up call to get my shit together and start doing what I felt most passionate about.

Step by step I was nurturing my idea to build a brand, trying to explain my reasons why and how I want to do this. Being heavily inspired by the likes of Simon Sinek, Richard Branson and Alan Watts, I tried to make sense out of everything my mind was whipping up.

I knew I wanted to share my passion for denim and formal wear, not trying to reinvent the wheel, but trying to get my message across. To create a brand, a product, that appeals to each man whether he is the office guy or the working-class hero. I don’t feel good about “labeling” my brand to a specific audience, which unfortunately happens all too often when I see a (new) brand launch their products. I want to be accessible to each and everyone, make them realize how a carefully crafted product is made and understand why we go on this journey together.

What makes the label so different than the other players?

I want my products to be more than something you just buy and add to your wardrobe. I hope it becomes a part of you, the wearer. That it will accompany you on the various journeys in life, while climbing that mountain we all have inside us.

Creating this refined pair of denim trousers embodies everything I care about regarding the fashion industry. A sophisticated and elegant style, made with true craftsmanship and with the highest respect for quality tailoring. No less than six hours were needed to make just one pair of jeans, making the Zachary a truly exclusive product with a run of just 20 pieces. Opting to source all the materials and production in Europe, I feel the transparency about “how it is made” is on a very high level.


“With the high level of consumer-awareness nowadays, it is important to be honest to your audience and show them how product can be made.”


With the high level of consumer-awareness nowadays, it is important to be honest to your audience and show them how product can be made. Sure, it adds to the price but if we would value a low price over ethics and standards, we are looking at life in a very wrong way.

Du Nord, and everything I hope to achieve with it, is driven by decisions from the heart. This first product, the Zachary, is hopefully the start of something much greater. I want to connect with people, make them see why it is so important that every thing you do in life is done from the heart. It is about passion, not numbers. If you stay true to yourself and follow your own path, good things will come. Establishing Du Nord Projects has shown me that if you keep believing, you can and will achieve what you have your mind set on. Never surrender to those who can’t see dreams.


Du Nord Projects. A brand driven from the heart, to overcome all obstacles in life. A brand in which respect for craftsmanship and artisanry is at its core. Honesty, transparency and strength are the values that form Du Nord. This is my legacy to you.

Website: http://www.storedunord.com/


Lars Tibben

Oprichter van The Urbanites en The Denim Daily. Naast deze twee online magazines runt Lars ook een content bureau, SEC Agency. Gespecialiseerd in het creëren van video content voor bedrijven.


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