365 Days Later

by Lars Tibben / posted on 23/10/2015

12 months ago, Robin Falck pulled on a pair of ED-55 “Made in Japan” for the first time. Made from 14oz Vintage Selvage Denim exclusively produced by the famous Japanese denim mill, Nihon Mempu, he was curious to see how they would look after 365 days of continuous wear.

“My approach to designing anything is very direct and honest so I like to get my hands dirty and my knees bruised when I go about new projects. I submerge myself into the subject to learn as much as possible before designing something new. In the past year I’ve built 3 kayaks, 2 motorcycles, painted pieces in Mexico driving down rural dustroads on a tiny motorcycle for supplies and have relied on the 55’s everytime.”

Here are the results…


Lars Tibben

Oprichter van The Urbanites en The Denim Daily. Naast deze twee online magazines runt Lars ook een content bureau, SEC Agency. Gespecialiseerd in het creëren van video content voor bedrijven.


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